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FAQ's Alert Power Washing in Los Angeles, California

Q: What is the difference between the terms ‘Power Washing’ and ‘Pressure Washing’?

A: They both mean the same thing just in different terminology.

Q: What does the term ‘Soft Washing’ mean?

A: We use Soft Washing when washing buildings, tents, awnings, siding and more. We apply special formulated chemicals to the surface and rinse with very low pressure so we don’t damage your property.

Q: I notice that you have big propane tanks on your truck and trailer, what are they for?

A: The 2 50 gallon propane tanks we use are to heat the water we use on our pressure washers. Some pressure washers use diesel fired burners. Being in California though we use propane because it is a cleaner burning fuel.

Q: I notice on the doors of your truck that you have CA & USDOT numbers, what are these numbers for and why doesn’t most other pressure washing companies have them?

A: For our truck/trailer combination we are required to be registered with the United States Department of Transportation since our truck has a GVWR Rating of 13,000 Lbs and the trailer has a GVWR rating of 14,000 Lbs. Because of the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and the length of our truck/trailer combined only drivers with Commercial Driver’s Licenses are allowed to drive our vehicles.

Q: If you give me a quote to clean my shopping center for $1700 on a quarterly basis and a competitor of yours bids $600 on a quarterly basis should I be worried about such a big price difference?

A: Yes, sometimes going with the lowest price always doesn’t mean the best quality of work. Remember the saying “you get what you pay for”.

Q: I see that you service multiple states. How often do you service states other than California?

A: 3 or 4 times a year or when a big job arises that I have to travel out of state for.

Q: Who supplies the water on your jobsites?

A: Normally we get water from the jobsite. If we have to haul water in to the jobsite for one reason or another there is a additional charge for us bringing the water.

Q: Why don’t you have a state contractor’s license?

A: Power Washing Services fall under the category of Janitorial Services. Therefore we are not required to have a state contractor’s license. However, we are a fully insured company.

Q: Do you use environmentally safe chemicals?

A: In most cases, chemicals are not necessary for cleaning. Only hot water and high quality scrubbers are used. Graffiti removal, trash enclosure cleanings and building washes are used with chemicals that are environmentally safe and have been researched, tested and proven by Vince himself.

Q: Does Alert Power Washing provide long term contracts?

A: Yes. Contracts are available on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annual basis. Discounts are available for greater frequency contracts.

Q: Why do you have your prices posted on your website when other power washing contractors don’t?

A: We post our prices so you the customer knows exactly what to expect to pay for our services.

Q: Do you offer FREE Estimates and Onsite Cleaning Demonstrations?

A: Yes. We offer FREE Estimates to everyone and Onsite Cleaning Demonstrations for our Commercial/Municipality clients at their request.

Q: Does your company offer any guarantees with your service?

A: Absolutely Yes. We will even put it in writing that if you are not happy with your service, we will come out and redo the cleaning at no additional charge to you.